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Here’s a fun way to start this: I never thought I would be a photographer.


I didn’t believe photography could be a sustainable and profitable career, so why pursue it?


Growing up, my family loved taking photos. Naturally, I became the kid with a fancy point and shoot camera during school trips directing my classmates to smile, point, jump, and make funny faces. In high school I was even able to buy myself a $1,000 SONY F717 with the money I made from selling school supplies. I guess that was the start.


I messed around a bunch with photography as a kid, but I didn’t start to take it seriously until my senior year at the University of North Carolina when I was hired to shoot campus events. I’ll admit a pretty cool perk was the courtside seats to the best basketball team in the country. Go Heels! Another perk was that I got my hands on some of the best professional photography gear around, including a $6,000 Canon 300mm 2.8 lens.


There’s something incredibly powerful when you combine high technology with the art of shooting photos.


Fast forward a little bit. I spent the next 4 years climbing the corporate ladder after graduation. That left little time for photography. We can call those the dark years.


Late 2013, after I left corporate to chase my dream in the world of social entrepreneurship. I decided to pick up one hobby and photography was my choice. I bought a Canon 6D and a got a $50 prime lens off Craigslist which I still sometimes use today.


While I was searching for the next “World changing idea”, I started a photo blog on Instagram called @CreateNYC. It quickly became my outlet for telling stories and evolved to much more than that. I was lucky to meet hundreds of amazing creators + hustlers + entrepreneurs through the project.


The success of @CreateNYC led me to start a social media and brand consulting business. In the past two years I’ve been lucky to work with some of the most loved hospitality brands in the world. We organized custom influencer events and photo shoots at places like Shake Shack and the Pierre Hotel, generating more than 50 million social impressions between just those two brands.


I didn’t like it, I LOVED it!


Today, I specialize in social focused videography, photography and consulting. I love talking to people + brands and using my craft and expertise to help them share their stories.


I’m still searching for my next “World changing idea” but I’m very happy about where I am now because I LOVE WHAT I DO. Give me a shout if you want to grab coffee, need some help, or have an idea for me so I can stop thinking about it.

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